You can not eat “junk” food and expect to be beautiful on the outside; in fact what you eat affects how you feel and how you act, it affects your attitude.  It doesn’t matter how much money you spend on products that claim to make you beautiful, beauty is skin deep and it’s true that you are what you eat. My goal is to inspire people to think before they eat food & drink beverage and bring awareness about the chemicals that we consume in junk-food which (is void of nutrients) also known as fast food, instant food and convenient food that is denatured. This type of food has ill-affected generation after generations’ health.

This site will make you aware of the chemicals in junk-food, which is void of nutrients. Fast food, instant food and convenient food is denatured food and this type of food ill-affects you and has done so generation after generations.

An unhealthy diet contributes to many sickness and diseases. Standard America Diet (SAD) is killing you.


BEWARE OF THE AMERICAN SLOW DEATH.   Prepare to stop digging your grave with your fork.