My Story

Good health, vitality and longevity have held my interest ever since I can remember. My mother worked as a nurse; perhaps that is where I get my innate desire for wellness.

As a teenager, I did volunteer work at the hospital where my mother worked; that lasted less than a week. I discovered that I could not bear seeing people in poor health.  My faith in hospitals was lost after hearing many horror stories and experiencing for myself that western medicine treats symptoms; they do not heal people.

Healers are those who go to the root of someone’s ailment to find a cure. Many western medical doctors are not healers; they treat symptoms with medication or use invasive procedures, which often do not resolve one’s ailment.  Many people get caught in a vicious cycle of taking pills, invasive procedures, and being sick all their life. For this reason people need to be aware and learn preventive measure.

The focuses of my studies are awareness, prevention, proper nutrition, holistic living and alternative medicine. The intensity of my passion to be well and see others well caused my friends and family to refer to me as “a health nut”.  I agree that my quest to educate people about proper eating and help them become conscious about their health may have been a bit over bearing.  However, I know most people appreciate the information given, because when they get sick and/or they get tired of the western medical diagnosis, they will ask me about alternative medicine.


Throughout the years, I’ve seen my family and friends suffer from sicknesses that feeding the body proper nutrients, along with exercise, prayer and meditation could have prevented.  Some have passed away while some live their life ailing. The loss of loved ones motivates me to maintain my health as well as, help others maintain and become conscience so that the will want to take better care of themselves.

I’d like everyone have health and wellness, however experience have taught me that I can only direct myself as I am powerless over the actions of others.

This website will bring about awareness.  My intention is to encourage and influence many to become their healthiest.