Project 2

This podcast is s interview with a male from the baby boomer generation.  He is has a lot debt and is in denial about getting credit with bad credit.

This podcast warns the public of the chemical in food and their side affects.

Project 3

Style – Experimental video poetry

I filmed the pharmacy door because many people are sick and need pharmaceutical to sustain their life.   People are in and out of pharmacy doors.  Pharmacies are opened 24 hours, they are very profitable at the expense of the sick.  My photos represent the youth and the obesity factor as well as the baby-boomers.  My goal is to show the world that the chemicals in our foods are toxic and how eating denatured food affects our health.  Research proves that there is a direct connection between what you eat and how you act and feel.

Denatured food causes preventable sickness.  Many people are living their lives needing medication. My goal is to show people how to go back to basic.  It’s time to stop eating instant, fast and convenient food.  Start reading the food labels. know what’s in the food by understanding the ingredients; and strive to eat healthy wholefood.

This video supports and enhances my site because it will help people to think about what they are eating and how it affects their health.  My overall vision is that people who are tired of tradition medicine and are looking for alternative choices with come to my page and find answers to how to self heal.