The Solution


Demand to Know

In view of the fact we live in a commercialized world that is based on monetary gain it is best that you take charge by reading food labels and get a full knowledge about the poisons that are in our food.

The average food consumer does not research food ingredients.  It is the consumer’s obligation to know what ingredients they eat.  After spending hours of my time in the supermarket reading food labels I found that it hard, if not impossible to read and fully understand ingredients in the food.  Reading food labels is time consuming and understanding the ingredients will take some studying.  The majority of foods ingredients are scientific words that are not found in the dictionary.  The producers of processed foods seem to work hard at confusing consumers.

My advice is, if you do not understand what the ingredients are; do not buy the product.  If a food ingredient sounds scientific it is because it is scientifically produced in a laboratory by scientist or chemist.  Make your health your number one concern, and we will start by buying only the best food we can find and the foods that have ingredients in which we can understand.

Demand to know what’s in the food.  Ban the production of chemical based food and drinks.  Refuse to eat food with artificial ingredients or genetically altered.

The most important thing to do is to stop buying foods that are not made from pure ingredients

It is important for you to make informed food choices as you decide to convert your kitchen cabinet into your medicine cabinet.  Converting your kitchen  requires discipline.

I read somewhere that it takes 21 days to break or make a habit.  You can stop buying processed foods and start today to purchase pure food only.

We can only trust the foods we produce I our own back yard. Start growing your own food.